2016 Best Bang For Your Buck Travel Gadgets

AirBrokerage - Overboard iPhone-5 CaseWhen it comes to style and sale we have got you covered. These gadgets will aid your travels and not break the bank. Whether you are tech savvy or just trying to make traveling a little more efficient this is the rundown of travel gadgets for you.

Ever need to get your photos from your camera to your computer in hurry and don't want to spend half of your vacation trying to upload them? Then the Mobi EyeFi SD Memory Card is for you. This SD card has wifi built into its system. Every time you snap a photo it will be instantly transferred to your computer and phone. This way you can spend less time struggling and more time soaking up the sun on your vacation.

AirBrokerage - Aukey External Phone Charger

Will you be around any bodies of water this next vacation? Great! You can keep your iPhone dry with an Overboard waterproof case. Iphones' unfortunately have yet to be made water proof as its sister company Andriod has done. Not to fear you can still take photos, video, and listen to music through your Overboard case. So go for a swim and show every second of it to your social media.

I donít believe there is anything worse then a dead phone battery right before a premium photo opportunity. Lets avoid this all together with the Aukey External phone charger. It is lightweight and portable. The device is sleek and small enough to fit in your pocket. The best part is that it has two USB ports. This means that you are able to charge two devices at once. You can help out a friend in need of some battery juice.

When planning your next vacation travel in style. All of these devices are available on Amazon or Target. If you go with Target it would be even cheaper if you apply Target coupon codes. The Mobi EyeFi SD Memory Card goes for about 25$. The Overboard water proof case runs around 19$ and the Aukey External phone charger is $16. All under 50$ and will not up travel costs by much at all. Lets make traveling more enjoyable and less stressful.