Airlines Top 5 Safety Questions

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Question 1 - Which seat is the safest on an airplane?
In short there is no seat which is safest on an airplane. There are too many variables in a aircraft accident to calculate which seat would be safest. It depends to much on how fast was the plane going in that moment, at what velocity, how the plane was angled and the site of the crash. These factors are not known until the crash is actually happening. Every different crash has its own set of dangerous vs. safe seats.
Question 2 - Which airline is the safest to fly with?
While there are major airlines that have not had casualties in accidents, like Southwest, there are other major airlines like United Airlines that have had many fatal accidents - these factors don't immediately conclude that one airline is safer than the other. Although, you may perceive this to be a safety indication, is it is truly important to review the overall safety of the airline as a whole. You need to consider how it is regulated by the civil aviation authority.
Airlines are held to extremely strict safety regulations. Although, large airline passenger capacity air crafts are held to a higher standard than smaller airline passenger capacity air crafts. Also take into account the important standards that the air traffic control systems must meet. Lastly, use your common sense. If the airline is known for being late, having delays, financial problems, or passenger complaints then do not fly with that airline. Even if one airline doesn't have any passenger deaths to account for doesn't automatically make it a safest airline. Fatal air craft accidents are rare for airlines of every size.
Question 3 - Is there a model of air craft which is the safest?
All airplanes in a given class must met the identical set of standards. Safety concerns come about when a certain model continues to have accidents associated with the make. At this time the issues of the model will be tended to by the civil aviation authorities. All airplane crashes are rare but in order to assess how safe an airplane model is - you must compare the how often the aircraft has had casualties in its crashes.
Question 4 - Which kind of airplane emergency procedure is the most common?
The most common safety procedure yourself as a passenger will have to face is an evacuation. In most emergencies you will have to locate and eject the emergency slides and evacuate the air craft. A close second is having to use the emergency oxygen supply due to lack of cabin pressure. In your favor most of the time you are evacuating the air craft as a precautionary tool and not because the danger in immediate. Check out the Air France crash in Toronto is 2005 to see how all passengers were able to escape a burning aircraft.
Question 5 - How should a passenger prepare to face an emergency situation?
There are a variation of elements that can be taken into account in order to face an emergency situation. First sit next to an exit with a slide so that you are familiar with it. Second pay attention to there all of your exits are located. Third listen to the cabin crew members. Fourth wear evacuation friendly clothing. Avoid high heels as you run the risk of popping the evacuation slide and will not be able to run as well in them. The fifth key point is to always put on your own oxygen mast first. If you fail to do so you can loose consciousness and not be able to help anyone in the long run.
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