Thanksgiving Travel

What you need to know before you go

Every year, travelers complained of the gridlock that is always considered Thanksgiving travel. Standstill traffic, train delays and long lines the airports are the tried-and-true excuses for a late arrival at grandma's so here are a few tips for getting there safely before the turkey gets cold.

Get to the airport two hours before your flight

The TSA or transportation security administration is expecting more passengers and airport checkpoints than ever before. The agency though is prepared to keep you safe and moving on time. The largest domestic airline industry trade organization called Airlines for America, projects 27 .3 million passengers will travel around the world on US air lines between Friday, November 18 and Tuesday, November 29. That prediction is up 2.5% over last year. Sunday, November 27 is to be the busiest day in the skies followed by Monday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day. The least crowded day at the airport will be Thanksgiving Day.

A group of janitorial employees working for a private contractor at Chicago's O'Hare international Airport announced it will strike sometime during the holiday. The airlines say their contingency plans will prevent any disruptions to the schedule. No matter how well you think you know your airport arrive early. TSA recommends arriving two hours for any domestic flight and earlier for international. And don't forget your commute to the airport will probably take longer because millions of Americans are joining you on the highways.

Plan your drive, monitor traffic, leave early and drive safely.

Thanks to low gas prices, travel organization AAA projects 43.5 million Americans will hop in their vehicles and drive more than 50 miles to the Thanksgiving destination. The nonprofit organization projects at 430 people may die and 50,000 people may be seriously injured in car crashes this Thanksgiving holiday. Which is defined from 6 PM Wednesday, November 23 through Sunday, November 27. To stay safe always designate a sober driver. Planning your trip and knowing alternative routes ahead of time may help ease frustration and minimize delays. The navigation app Waze also found that next giving day had the least amount of traffic particularly in the morning. The worst data leave is Wednesday which last year saw 33% increase in accident alerts and 20% increase in traffic jams. If you must leave on Thanksgiving Eve, leave before 10 AM. The best data return will be Monday. But Sunday between 11 AM and 6 PM could be a nightmare. Traffic jam alerts increased by 240 percent during the timeframe last year and accidents increased by nearly 100%.

Amtrak urges passengers to arrive early and check train schedules

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel. The train services added extra trains and seats on several roots in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast. They are expecting more than 751,000 customers this year so they are asking riders to arrive early and monitor train schedules via its online page. They are also urging passengers to report anything suspicious or unintended bags.

Check your weather forecast

Airports and roadways can only function as well as the weather allows so checking the forecast and planning accordingly is imperative to a timely arrival. Airports, airlines and aviation officials will be hard at work to make sure flights get out ahead and around any storm but often flights must be delayed to keep passengers safe. For drivers is never wise to drive during a storm so prepare wisely and plan your trip. Better to be late and unsafe.