The 5 Best U.S. Airlines

#1 Southwest Airlines

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Southwest is the countries largest airline for carrying passengers and has a notably pleasant flight crew. Not to mention its affordable pricing and resistance to place a fee on every little industry standard. It is the only airline that allows you two checked bags at no cost and lets you change ticket details or flights with no penalty to you.

#2 Alaska Airlines

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Alaska Airlines is shedding its regional roots and expanding into one of the nations powerhouse airlines with its partnership merger to Virgin America. This will grow its plane fleet to over two hundred. The airline currently trips to over one hundred destinations from the Hawaiian Islands to Costa Rica, New York, and Mexico. Additionally, frequent flyers love the airlines overtly friendly staff, Tom Douglas Food choices, Starbucks, reliability, and comfortable seats. Plus, your luggage always arrives under twenty minutes after arrival.

#3 Hawaiian Airlines

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Hawaiian Airlines have come a long way since beginning as an island jumper to now frequently flying halfway across the globe non stop. The airline now travels to New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, and Asia. A new feature offered in premium class is its lie flat seating option available on longer flight duration. Frequent flyers also appreciate the welcoming guava cookies and Mai Tai's (if you are of age). Not to mention Hawaiian Airlines is the countries most punctual airline.

#4 Jet Blue Airways

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Jet Blue Airways has been in business for over sixteen years. Flyers appreciate the ten inch seat back screens available in first class as well as coach that allow you to instantly screen various entertainment. Recently, Jet Blue has even expanded its routes from east coast to west coast to include routes to the Caribbean. The airline also offers an additional feature called Fly Fi. Fly Fi allows you to connect to the World Wide Web while in flight at quite an amazing speed - not to mention it is free! Most of their in flight snacks like their popular blue chips are free as well, who wouldn't love to fly with Jet Blue.

#5 Virgin America

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Virgin America has been voted America's favorite airline since 2007 and it retains a highly loyal flyer base. This success can be accredited to the airlines technological advancements. For example, its built in chair massagers, menu ordering by touch screen, fully available Netflix streaming, a spacious economy class, abundance of power outlets, and mood lighting ambiance. Virgin America has presently been bought out by Alaskan Airlines leaving flyers hoping none of its currently classy touches are removed.