The Top 20 Of 2016 Safest Airlines World Wide

The 2016 results have been released for the worlds safest airlines. The nervous flyers mind can finally be put at ease. These rankings by airline are based off of their numbers of fatalities, injuries, incidents and audits the airline has accumulated. Also taken into account is the airlines history of occupational hazards and occupational standards.

Quantas airline in Australia is ranked number one of 2016. Quantas airline has been ranked number one safest airline for three years in a row. Considering launched in 2013, Quantas has yet to falter in holding the number one rated airline title in safety. This is due to the fact that since their airline took flight they have yet to have any casualties. This is a remarkable record in aviation.

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The top twenty airlines have outstanding passenger protection above all. They are also continually inventing new ways to increase airline safety. The Top twenty include: Virgin Australia and Atlantic, United, American, Alaskan, Hawaiian, Japan, Swiss, Singapore and Scandinavian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, KLM, EVA Air, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, All Nippon Airways and Emirates. These airlines have all shown above par care in their airline. Groupon has partnered with the top airlines to give you the best price on air travel possible. Please search for Groupon promo code and book directly via Groupon website.

Quantas is still the highest ranked airline out of all 407 airlines evaluated. Although, you will have to use one of the later mentioned safest airlines if you reside in the Unites States. Still take stock in knowing they are highly ranked in safety. So, when choosing your next flight make sure to do your research. If you can chose one of the top twenty airlines. Hopefully one of the top twenty work conveniently for you. Choose safety and ease your pre flight jitters. Go out their and travel in security and safety!